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by Anthony Drewe and George Stiles

Presented November 13-23, 2014, at the Norway Grange
Show sponsor: Norway Savings Bank
Orchestra underwriters: Western Hills Property Group and OHMPAA
Costume sponsors: Suzanne and Rupert Grover
Media sponsor: Gleason Media

Directed by Carol Jones.
Music director: Steve Jones

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s immortal tale, HONK! is the story of the Ugly Duckling, whose odd, gawky looks instantly incite prejudice from his family and neighbors.

Separated from the farm and pursued by a hungry Cat, Ugly must find his way home. Along his rollicking and harrowing journey he not only discovers his true beauty and glorious destiny, but also finds love and acceptance in all its forms. Witty and hilarious, but also deeply moving, HONK! will treat you to equal amounts of laughter and tears. A wonderful family show.

Hear an interview with director Carol Jones and Matty B at Z105.5 here.

Honk cast
Cast (in order of appearance)
Drake Tom Littlefield
Turkey Jim Hatch
Maureen Corrine Turner
Henrietta Kristen Short
Ida Jennifer St.Pierre
Grace Jancie Cazneau
Cat Ron Figaratto
Beaky Collette Woodson
Fluff Kara Moxcey
Billy Katie Edwards
Downy Emily Hatch
Ugly Jake Michaud
Fish Alora Gordon, Madison Prentice, Allie Short, Ebony Wells
Maggie Pie Justice Pittman
Greylag Dennis Twitchell
Dot Fawn Palmer
Snowy Ciara Nadeau
Barnacles Thomas Lentz
Pinkfoot Christian Figaratto
Squadron Maria Commoss, Brandi Sawyer, Molly Van Loan
Queenie Sophie Lawton
Lowbutt Jeanie Stone
Penny Janelle Raven
Bullfrog Michael Newsom
Farmer Joel Pulkkinen
Mother Swan Susan Cairns
Father Swan Ron Blake
flute Allison Long
clarinet Jenny Adams
alto sax, bass guitar Loren Pinkham
percussion Mark Fredericks
guitar, bass guitar Steve Jones
keyboard Sue Parsons
Production Staff
Producers Jennifer St.Pierre and Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Director Carol Jones
Music director Steve Jones
Choreography Erin Houle Hamlin
Stage manager Mallory Martin
Stage hand Ty Wyman
Set builders/painters Tom Littlefield, Ron Blake, Carol Jones, Steve St.Pierre, Olivia Newsom, Michael Newsom, Stef Michaud, Jenn St.Pierre, Chris St.Pierre, Norman Hutchins, Jr., Thomas Lentz, Dawn Hagar, Anthony Michaud, Dennis Twitchell
Set dressing Stef Michaud
Costumer Carol Jones
Lights and sound Christian Ricci
House manager Holly Allen
Graphic design Jenny Adams
Photography Dawn Hagar

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