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The Prisoner of Second Avenue postcard

The Prisoner of Second Avenue

by Neil Simon

Presented March and April 2009 at the Norway Grange
Sponsored by Grover Gundrilling.

Directed by Tom Littlefield.

Mel is a well-paid executive of a fancy New York company which has suddenly hit the skids.

Mel gets the ax. His wife takes a job to tide them over, then she too is sacked. As if this weren’t enough, polluted air is killing everything on his terrace; the paper-thin apartment walls reveal the private lives of a pair of German stewardesses next door; the apartment is burgled; and his psychiatrist dies with $23,000 of his money.

Mel does the only thing left for him to do; he has a nervous breakdown. It is on recovery that we come to esteem him all the more. For Mel and his wife and people like them have the resilience, the grit to survive.

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The Prisoner of Second Avenue photo
Mel Edison Timothy C. Lorrain
Edna Edison Jeanie Stone
Harry Edison Christopher Easton
Pearl Rachael Leighton
Jessie Tracy Ludwig
Pauline Paula Easton
Roger Keating Daniel Rennie
The Prisoner of Second Avenue cast and crew photo
Producers Jeff Orwig, Brandi Sawyer, Kenn Sawyer
Director Tom Littlefield
Stage Manager Rachael Leighton
Set design Claire Sessions
Light and sound Norman Hutchins Jr. and Sam Howes
Stage crew Aaron Louque and Rachel Brown
House manager Susan Alberi
Photography Ethan McNerny

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