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Never Too Late postcard

Never Too Late

A comedy in three acts by Sumner Arthur Long

Presented June 2009 at the Norway Grange

Directed by Andrew Scott Turner.

This Broadway hit, written in the 1950s, is about Harry Lambert, a married man in his fifties who suddenly learns he’s becoming a father again.

His last child, a girl, was born 24 years ago and considering the boob she married he finds the prospect of another unthinkable. His daughter and son-in-law live with him; she gets up for breakfast at lunchtime and he is curiously addicted to solitaire.

It’s not only the impending birth that startles Harry; his previously meek wife begins to lay down the law. There’s to be a nursery, a new bath, and she’s to have her own checking account. Such dour capitulation you’ll never see again.

Never Too Late photo
Grace Kimbrough Kathy Davis
Harry Lambert Dennis Twitchell
Edith Lambert Rossie Kyllonen
Dr. James Kimbrough Elton Cole
Charlie Daniel Rennie
Kate Alyssa Wyman
Mr. Foley Bill Miller
Mayor Crane Tom Littlefield
Policeman Joel Pulkinnen
Never Too Late photo
Producers Connie Allen and Carol Huotari
Director Andrew Scott Turner
Stage managers Mary Ellen Theriault and Kathy Davis
Readers Mary Ellen Theriault, Carol Huotari, Connie Allen, Harrison Turner, Stephen Sessions
Set design Claire Sessions
Light and sound design Norman Hutchins Jr.
Light and sound board operators Norman Hutchins Jr. and Sam Howes
Props Carol Huotari and Connie Allen
House managers Kenn Sawyer and Terry Cole
Set construction and decoration Claire Sessions, Tom Littlefield, Dan Rennie, Andy Turner, Stephen Sessions, Harrison Turner, Ty Wyman
Graphic design Jenny Adams
Photography Ethan McNerny and Fallon Turner
Never Too Late cast photo

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