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Our Town poster

Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

Presented June 2002 at Paris Hill Academy
Sponsored by Biz Realty.

Directed by Tom Littlefield.

Thornton Wilder created a classic that was meaningful when first presented in 1938 and that continues to grow in timeliness as our lives have grown faster and more complicated in the years since then.

People do not take the time and energy to connect with the individual moments in life that make life meaningful. Even what we would consider to be the most mundane mements are precious and to be treasured. The smallest gesture or word contains enough meaning to be valued. (Adapted from Tom Littlefield's director's note.)

Sylvie Crowell Melissa Brown
Josie Crowell Staci Cushman
Simon Stimson Michael Davis
Emily Webb Nora Davis
Mr. Webb Chris Easton
Mrs. Webb Paula W. Easton
Professor Willard Vanessa Greeley
Mrs. Soames Patricia Jillson
Constable Warren, Sam Craig Richard McIntosh
Wally Webb James Miller
Mrs. Gibbs Cynthia Reedy
Dr. Gibbs Steve Sessions
Howie Newsom, Joe Stoddard Dennis Twitchell
George Gibbs Joshua Witham
Stage Manager Diane Whitmore
Rebecca Gibbs Alyssa Wyman
Baseball players Owen Davis, Brandon Pullen
Townspeople Heidi Charity, Zachary Littlefield, Stephanie McCoy, Ashley Moore, Kelsey Reed, Tiffany Twitchell
Our Town cast
Producers June Sawicki and Claire Sessions
Director Tom Littlefield
Director's assistants Alison and Savannah Sessions
Stage manager Alison Whitney
Stage hands Becky Ladner, Naomi White, Savannah Sessions
Lighting John Farr
Set design and construction Claire Sessions, Steve Sessions, Tom Littlefield, Chris Easton, Michael Davis
Costumers Linda Sturdivant, Kathy Davis
Makeup Jancie Richard
Hair Susan Cairns
Props and sound Cast and crew
House manager Elise Tisdale
Poster, program, tickets Richard McIntosh
Publicity Claire Sessions, June Sawicki
Cast photos Skip Churchill

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