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Little Mary Sunshine program

Little Mary Sunshine

Book, lyrics and music by Rick Besoyan

Presented August 2002 at Paris Hill Academy
Sponsored by New Balance Foundation.

Directed by Kenn Sawyer.

One of the most successful Off Broadway stage shows, Little Mary Sunshine played to packed houses in Greenwich Village for almost three years and won every award for its score and enchanting performance.

It was billed as "a musical about an old operetta"--a musical spoof of old time favorites like "Rose Marie" and "Naughty Marietta"-- but gently kidded and made delightful in its own right. With its deliberately corny songs and naive situations, Little Mary Sunshine pokes fun at all the cliches of the innocent musicals our grandparents enjoyed, but it is done freshly and with flair; it quickly wins audiences with its brilliant fooling. There are 24 songs in all, including thundering choruses, schmaltzy waltzes and lilting duets-- all kidding and all in fun.

The plot is a little bit of everything: Colorado Rangers, a stalwart Captain, a lovely Mary, a chorus of simpering school girls and a villainous Indian. Little Mary Sunshine pokes fun at over-earnest heroes and heroines, dastardly villains and every coquettish soubrette of that bygone era. As a loving lampoon, it has become something of an American institution as well as an international favorite.

Ernestine Von Liebedich Shirli Allen
Yellow Feather Eddie Baldridge
Hank James Blake
Blanche Julia Brinkkotter
Tom Brendon Chandler
Mabel Meghann Connell
General Oscar Fairfax Michael Davis
Buster Owen Davis
Nancy Twinkle Kelsey Franklin
Tex Joe Governale
Gwendolyn Sofie Governale
Little Mary Sunshine Toby Haber
Henrietta Jenna Johnson
Fleet Foot Tom Littlefield
Chief Brown Bear Jason Pelletier
Maud Kelsey Reed
Slim Brandon Sukeforth
Capt. Big Jim Warrington Chris Thiele
Pete Josh Twitchell
Cpl. Billy Jester Josh Witham
Cora Megan Wood
Producers Kathy Davis and Linda Sturdivant
Director Kenn Sawyer
Music director Sara Sturdivant
Accompanist Kevin Smith
Second piano Jeremy Hill
Choreography Alyssa Maurice
Stage manager Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Costumes Jean Waite, Carol Larkins, Cynthia Reedy, Diane Maddix, Judi Foster, Robin Twitchell, Cathy Raynor, Joline Betsch, Kathy Davis
Props Corrine Wyman, Julia Brinkkotter
Lights John Farr
Set construction and painting Claire Sessions, Steve Sessions, Adam Bartow, Norman Hutchins Jr., Corrine Wyman, Zach Reed, Rob Betz, Jenna Johnson, Ed Baldridge
Scenic painter Zilpha Chouinard
House manager Elton Cole
Stage hand Naomi White
Poster art Jada Fitch
Poster, program, tickets Richard McIntosh, Linda Sturdivant, Kathy Davis

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