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Papermaker poster


Monica Wood

June 20-30 at the Norway Grange

directed by Julie Middleton

This humor-laced drama takes place in 1989 in the third month of a bitter paper mill strike in a small Maine town. While awaiting a ruling that will result in either a win for the strikers or a win for management, a struggling union family grapples with everyday life: illness, the unexplained need to create art, and a son trying to feed his young family. Meanwhile, the mill’s NYC-based CEO is dragged on a weekend getaway by his 26-year-old daughter, who has chosen this time to address her father’s failings.

Through a series of events, the two families collide, testing each other’s and their own notions about family and loyalty. The characters in Papermaker are real, humanly flawed and beautiful.

Papermaker cast photo

Front: Jenn Carter, Laurie Riihimaki, Sandra Fickett. Back: Michael Newsom, August Thornton, Daniel Rennie.

Ernie Donahue Daniel Rennie
Marie Donahue Sandra Fickett
Jake Donahue August Thornton
Henry McCoy Michael Newsom
Emily McCoy Laurie Riihimaki
Nancy Letourneau Jenn Carter

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