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August 5-7, 2016, at the Norway Grange

Sponsored by Oxford Federal Credit Union

Mentored by veterans, three new-to-OHMPAA directors will present an evening of short plays.

Directors Corrine Turner, Mallory Martin and Jackie McDonald
Production Staff
Producer Brandi Sawyer
Directors Corrine Turner, Jackie McDonald, Mallory Martin
Mentors Carol Jones, Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Set construction Claire Sessions, Corrine Turner, Andrew Turner, Norman Hutchins Jr., Steve Sessions, Cathy Tuttle, Company
Lights Ty Wyman
Sound Justin McAnaney
Costumes Company
House manager Brandi Sawyer
Graphic design Jenny Adams
Photography Chris Short

The Game's Afoot

by Ken Ludwig

Excerpts selected and directed by Corrine Turner

Description: 1936 Broadway star William Gillette, admired the world over for his leading role in the play Sherlock Holmes, has invited his fellow cast members to his Connecticut mansion for a weekend of revelry. Mayhem, murder and hilarity ensue.

Cast of The Game's Afoot
William Gillette Andrew Scott Turner
Martha Gillette CarlaRose Dubois
Felix Geisel Scott Parsons
Madge Geisel Kristen Short
Simon Bright Eric Bell
Aggie Wheeler Janelle Raven
Inspector Goring Kari Narhuminti
Daria Chase Christie Paul
Maid Allie Short

Senior Housing

by Joanne McDonald

Directed by Jackie McDonald

Description: Old age isn’t what it used to be — thank goodness! “Senior Housing” explores what happens when a well meaning son (or daughter) brings his parent to look at a 55+ community that isn’t quite what what anyone would expect.

Cast of Senior Housing
John Eric Bell
Erica Kelcey Robichaud
Jennifer Kimberly Martin
Stevie Carol Jones
Candace Sandra Fickett
George Andrew Scott Turner
Sam Dennis Twitchell
Jan Jancie Cazneau
Terri Holly Allen
Roger Scott Parsons
Ann Sue Cairns
Selena Christie Paul
Maddy Kari Narhuminti
Abby Michelle McAnaney
Mary CarlaRose Dubois
Emily Ruby Cyr
Sarah Kristen Short
Joy Tammie Smith

Why Do We Laugh?

by Stephen Gregg

Directed by Mallory Martin

Description: At age 6, Meredith Wilfred loves to tell people that she hates her neighbor, Andrew Powers. At age 16, she tells Andrew the same thing but goes to the dance with him anyway. At 45, Meredith and Andy have a great deal to tell each other: most married couples do. And, even at 66, Meredith is still learning about, and from, Andrew. All eight characters—two people at four different times in their lives—are onstage at the same time. The result is a play about love (and hate) and the way people change each other.

Cast of Why Do We Laugh
Andrew, age 5 Camden Colby
Meredith, age 6 Maren Pinkham
Andrew, age 15 Luke Allen
Meredith, age 16 Jayden Colby
Andrew, age 44 Scott Parsons
Meredith, age 45 Jen Beaudoin
Andrew, age 66 Dennis Twitchell
Meredith, age 67 Sandra Fickett

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