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Witches, Britches, Rings 'n' Things poster

Witches, Britches, Rings 'n' Things

by Dave Barton

Presented August 13-21, 2010, at the Norway Grange
Sponsored by New Balance Foundation.

Directed by Carol Brown.

This play combines all of the best elements of storyteller theater. Ethel Appleton, a retired witch, has been given a patchwork quilt.

All of the best stories from “the good old days” have been sewn into the quilt, stories which are shared with the audience. These timeless stories include “The Three Sillies” and “The Billy Goats Gruff.” Good family entertainment!

Wtiches, Britches, Rings 'n' Things cast photo
Ethel Appleton Kelcey Robichaud
Titus, Ethel's cat Lilie Rennie
Troll Luke Allen
Milkmaid Katie Edwards
Butcher Owen Orlando
First Goat - Papa Travis Kimball
Second Goat - Mama Abby Bangs
Third Goat - Baby Madison Bangs
Fool Joey Priebe
Pig Breton Pinkham
Dog Julie Scalfani/Chyanna Millett
Witch Trisha Mitchell
Rebecca Eva Gabrielsen
Gentleman Spenser Newman
Belinda Marley Mixer
Adeena Jessica Bickford
Marie Maggie Whittemore
Beggar Samantha Bickford
Housekeeper Katie Campbell
Agnes the Maid Mary Bryce
Young Master Matt Breer
Farmer Derek Pelletier
Farmer's Wife Sarah Douglas
Daughter Paige Pelletier
Young Man Kolby Robichaud
Woman Madyson Mitchell
Professor Loren Pinkham
Villager One Josh Pelletier
Villager Two Hope Wilson
Cow Tanner Mitchell
MC Catherine Lamb
Young at HeART performers
Chris Alberi Ruby DayBranch Jesse Newcomb
Young at HeART performers
Production Staff
Director Carol Brown
Producers Jennifer St.Pierre and Shelly Shibles
Production assistant/makeup Kim Martin
Child manager Corrine Turner
Stage Manager Mallory Martin
Tech assistants Laurie Riihimaki and Ailie Phillips-Moody
Lights/sound Sam Howes and Norman Hutchins, Jr.
Costumer Becki Hatch
Set construction Dan Rennie
House manager Sue Alberi
Poster/program/tickets Jenny Adams
Photography Ethan McNerney

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