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The Glass Menagerie poster

The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

Presented April 2008 at the Norway Grange
Sponsored by Mallard Mart and Western Maine Health.

Directed by Tom Littlefield.

Amanda Wingfield is a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura.

Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children, though her methods are ineffective and irritating. Tom is driven nearly to distraction by his mother's nagging and seeks escape in alcohol and the world of the movies.

Laura also lives in her illusions. She is crippled, and this defect, intensified by her mother's anxiety to see her married, has driven her more and more into herself.

The crux of the action comes when Tom invites a young man of his acquaintance to take dinner with the family. Jim, the caller, is a nice ordinary fellow who is at once pounced upon by Amanda as a possible husband for Laura. In spite of her crude and obvious efforts to entrap the young man, he and Laura manage to get along very nicely, and momentarily Laura is lifted out of herself into a new world. But this crashes when, toward the end, Jim explains that he is already engaged.

The world of illusion that Amanda and Laura have striven to create in order to make life bearable collapses about them. Tom, too, at the end of his tether, at last leaves home.

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The Glass Menagerie cast photo
Amanda Wingfield Kathryn Davis
Tom Wingfield Scott Maddix
Laura Wingfield Leah Haney
The Gentleman Caller Daniel Rennie
The Glass Menagerie photo
Producers Elton Cole, Shelly Shibles
Director Tom Littlefield
Assistant to the Director/Stage manager Rachael Leighton
Stage hand Anyah White
House managers Jeff Orwig, Kenn Sawyer
Lights Norman Hutchins Jr.
Sound Tommy McFarlane
Set construction/design Claire Sessions, Stephen Sessions, Tom Littlefield, Dan Rennie
Costumer Judi Foster
Hair Susan Cairns
Photography Ethan McNerny
Poster, tickets Norman Hutchins Jr.
Program Shelly Shibles, Elton Cole
Publicity Sally Jones
Printing Creative Media

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